Together with my colleagues from the solwic team, I offer training sessions, seminars and workshops specially tailored to executives and managers.

Our work is focused on real-life situations which the executives must deal with, either at the present time or in the near future. They therefore return to their companies with concrete approaches to solving problems, and are able to implement these solutions immediately. We have been helping executives to make the grade for more than 30 years.  

Additionally, our system of training designed to improve cooperation and communication between various levels of management and/or company divisions is progressing extremely well.

We train

  • Members of the board and managing directors
  • Line managers at all leadership levels
  • Project leaders
  • Trainers
  • Conference directors
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      Hans-W. Behrendsen   Schultheißenstr. 50   D-31789 Hameln   Fon +49(0)5151-67683